Saturday, 14 March 2015

Enviro Schools Tour 2015

Well done to the Hapa Haka Team, Eco Team and Waka Stride for welcoming 80 visitors from other Enviro Schools. They were impressed by your welcome, knowledge and the exciting projects we have completed. You showed manaakitanga to our guests.

Check out the slide show below.

 Enviro School Visitors on PhotoPeach 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Art in the Garden

Check out the Art in the Garden Celebration during the Family Friday Picnic. Make sure you go down to the garden this week to see our beautiful work or to sign up for a garden of your own!

Art in the Garden on PhotoPeach 

Sculptures from recycled objects

At school we have a team that's taking part in a competition. We have to make a recycled  sculpture or anything that is recycled. We are making a post outside our school that has all the A+ characteristics on it, and pictures of Kiwiana stuff on it.

By Aria

Bug survey

We found a monarch butterfly sitting on the swan plant.  
We found eggs under a brick.

Today some of the ECO Team did a bug survey to find out what insects have moved into our garden.
We used 

it was fun we found lots of bugs and eggs!

This is what the butterfly lays the eggs 
on and the caterpillar eats!

Logan R